Garage Roofs & Guttering

Eliminate Garage Roofs and Gutters Containing Asbestos in Ashford, Kent

The roofing system is an important part of any property or outbuilding, but many were previously constructed using asbestos. At SPS Environmental Ltd, in Ashford, Kent, we work closely with domestic clients to carry out garage roof and gutter asbestos removal. Our work is designed to be completed swiftly and cause you as little disruption as possible.

Garage Roofs

It's a common problem many homeowners face: how do you remove asbestos safely from garage roofs without endangering yourself or sending harmful airborne asbestos particles into the atmosphere? The easy, no-worry solution is to acquire the assistance of SPS Environmental Ltd.

Our experienced team specialise in removing asbestos from garage roofs, providing a vital service for commercial and domestic customers. First, however, we carry out an asbestos survey to establish whether hazardous substances exist in the roof. The area will then be closed off, allowing us to ensure that the materials are removed and disposed of safely. Our asbestos removal service for garage roofs provides clients with a low-risk solution. We have extensive knowledge in the industry, allowing us to cover a huge range of services, including:

  • Asbestos Surveys for Garage Roofs
  • The Safe Disposal of Asbestos Materials
  • Carefully Controlled Asbestos Removals
  • Low-Risk, Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal

As well as the safe removal of asbestos from garage roofs, we also specialise in removing harmful materials from water tanks and guttering. If you suspect you have this type of material in your garage, or any other part of your property, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

All of the work we complete is conducted to the highest possible standards. We are careful and considerate about our clients' needs and always work safely and considerately while minimising on-site disruption.


Asbestos is a material that was previously used regularly throughout the construction industry, and guttering is just one of the areas where it can still be found. If you suspect that your gutters contain this type of fibre, do not panic; SPS Environmental Ltd can survey your property for signs of asbestos and provide a safe removal service if any hazardous materials are found.

Our skilled team of contractors provide thorough asbestos awareness services to commercial and domestic customers who might be worried about their guttering systems. We will make sure that properties are free from this potentially damaging material through a detailed site survey. Additionally, our specialists can help you say goodbye to the danger by completing a safe, controlled asbestos removal service. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Detailed Surveys of Gutters
  • Detailed Surveys of Gutters
  • Bitumen Flooring
  • Detailed Surveys of Gutters


Not knowing if your gutters contain asbestos can be a major worry, but we will remove the doubt. Offering a sensible, affordable solution, we will provide you with an asbestos removal of the highest possible standards. Speak to us today if you think your gutters might be made from asbestos, and we will deliver an effective solution at a very competitive price.

Contact us now, in Ashford, Kent, for more details about our garage roof and gutter asbestos removal services.