Asbestos Management Plans Kent & London.

Comprehensive Asbestos Management Plans.

Are you a building owner, employer or public authority? All non-domestic premises must adhere to the Control of Asbestos Regulations act 2012 this is a legal requirement.

Most premises built before 2000 will contain asbestos in one form or another as until this point the use of Asbestos as a building material was commonplace.

The law states that each employer, building owner or leaseholder has “the duty to manage asbestos” the purpose of which is to ensure that you adhere to specific minimum health and safety standards, its goal is to protect dependents or those that work in a property from the health risks associated with asbestos.

Asbestos Management Plans

Let us Lighten The Load.

We Do all The Hard Work.

Most of our clients understand the need to have an Asbestos Management Plan, however, in our experience, many of our customers simply do not understand how to formulate an Asbestos Management Plan, this is where we step in.

Our team have over 18 years experience in this area which enables us to quickly and efficiently create a legally compliant Asbestos management plan on your behalf.

Each plan is completely bespoke as no two buildings will be the same. 

Risk Survey

We Work With You.

To Formulate Legally Compliant Plans.

The first step is to determine your legal duty holder (this is the person responsible for the formulation and processes included within the asbestos management plan). 

SPS Environmental will complete a thorough survey of your building during which the team will survey all materials on your premises; a UKAS Licensed laboratory will then test all suspicious materials this is to ascertain what type of asbestos is contained within the material. 

A thorough risk assessment will be carried out; the purpose of which is to survey the condition of asbestos and therefore the risk to health.

Management Plan

Your comprehensive Management Plan will follow a defined path as set out by the Health and Safety Executive. The Duty Holder must:

Keep up to date records of the condition and location of any ACM’S

Assess the risks of exposure to asbestos fibres

Prepare and keep a risk management plan

Take the relevant steps to put the management plan into action

Review the management plan and plan of action to ensure it always remains relevant and up to date

Provide the action plan and the location/ condition of materials to anyone who is working on or in the affected area

Hassle Free Asbestos Management Plans.

For Businesses Of all Sizes.

In short, our Asbestos Management Plans help you to cut through reams of legislation and bureaucratic red tape, while ensuring you provide your dependents or staff with the level of care they deserve.

At SPS environmental we formulate Asbestos Management plans for businesses of all sizes, based in Kent our services are available across the South East.