Commercial Asbestos Services

Identifying and Eradicating Asbestos in Commercial Premises in Ashford, Kent

Due to the varied products and installations found in commercial properties, asbestos can be present in almost any area. At SPS Environmental Ltd, in Ashford, Kent, we conduct commercial asbestos surveys that will identify if and where the hazardous material can be found. If it is present, our tradesmen will then complete a meticulous commercial asbestos removal. Using many years of experience, our team also works with domestic customers.

Asbestos Abatement

If you are looking for knowledgeable and highly experienced asbestos abatement contractors in Kent, get in touch SPS Environmental Ltd. Our skilled team provide high-quality asbestos abatement throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Essex from our base in Ashford, Kent. Offering a comprehensive asbestos remediation service, we reduce the dangers and limit the hazards of asbestos exposure by controlling the release of harmful fibre materials into the atmosphere. Specialising in asbestos encapsulation and encasement, we offer a safe solution that removes the threat of asbestos within your property.

Working in Any Commercial Property

Working on projects of any size, we lessen the impact of asbestos within a host of commercial properties. If you are worried about disposing of asbestos and think your building might contain dangerous fibres, call our fully certified consultants and they will perform accredited tests. We are one of the leading experts for asbestos abatement and provide professional testing. Removal services are also available depending on the location of the material and the amount that might be present on site.

Asbestos Surveys

Do you suspect your building might contain asbestos materials? If so, a commercial asbestos survey from SPS Environmental Ltd will provide the clarity you desire. We provide a broad range of asbestos survey types, including type 3 surveys for any type of commercial premises.

As highly experienced asbestos contractors, we provide surveys and reports that offer recommendations and suitable action plans for the containment or removal of asbestos. Ask us to provide you with an asbestos report, and you can effectively manage hazardous materials within your property. Our skilled tradesmen will provide you with an HSE asbestos survey that conforms to all industry standards and ensures you safely manage your environment.

Large Commercial Building

Covering Commercial Premises

No matter how large or small your commercial property might be, it is always best to seek expert advice should you discover potentially harmful asbestos materials. We provide you with clarity by offering a comprehensive asbestos inspection that covers your whole property. With our expert help, you will know if your building is asbestos-free, or whether you need to consider abatement or asbestos removal and disposal. Alongside expert advice, help, and guidance, we offer a choice of surveys, including:

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Asbestos Demolition Surveys
  • Asbestos Management Surveys

Prevent Asbestos Exposure

As a commercial property owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure employees or members of the public are not exposed to asbestos materials. We can help you do this with a full asbestos assessment and site appraisal that ensures you comply with HSE.

Asbestos Removals

When you need an effective asbestos removal service, call SPS Environmental Ltd. Our company is the leading specialist in removing asbestos. Discovering you have asbestos tiles or insulating materials within your commercial property is one thing, but safely removing them is something else. This is where we help. Our contractors share their expertise, knowledge, and experience with you before offering the perfect solution by taking away and disposing of asbestos found within your property.

Should you require asbestos removing from your property following a detailed survey, we have the skills, expertise, and industry know-how to perform a comprehensive asbestos clean-up with the minimum amount of disruption to your business. Our team cover asbestos found in:

  • Pipes and Lagging
  • Water Tanks
  • Guttering
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs

Our company offers a safe, speedy, and reliable service with guaranteed results. Removing and disposing of asbestos doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds - just leave everything to our expert asbestos contractors. We will keep you and your property protected at all times by offering reliable asbestos removals.

Asbestos Testing

As one of the leading commercial asbestos testing providers in Kent, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with a comprehensive asbestos abatement service. Removing the worry for building owners, we offer professional commercial asbestos testing for businesses in Surrey, Sussex, and Essex.

Working hard on your behalf, we will provide complete asbestos survey sample analysis testing for any type of hazardous materials that might be present inside your commercial or industrial premises. This level of work is the only guaranteed way to know if asbestos is present within your business. After testing for asbestos in commercial buildings, we provide professional recommendations depending on the outcome.

Working throughout the Area

Regardless of your location, SPS Environmental Ltd is here to support you with all of your asbestos test requirements. If you need a reliable, knowledgeable team of experts to test for asbestos materials inside your commercial property, give us a call. Once we ascertain if you have asbestos present in your building, we can establish who is responsible and where the duty of care lies before creating a detailed plan that manages the material effectively.

Swift Solutions for Peace of Mind

Setting the standards for asbestos testing companies, we provide asbestos removal, disposal, and abatement services for many different clients. SPS Environmental Ltd will verify if you have asbestos present, test it, and offer guidance and advice so you have a proactive plan in place to contain or remove the material.

Asbestos Disposal

If you have concerns about commercial asbestos disposals, call SPS Environmental Ltd for a prompt and reliable service. Using many years of experience in the commercial asbestos industry, we offer services to businesses in Ashford, Kent, and throughout Surrey, Sussex, and Essex.

Discovering asbestos is troubling, and safely removing and disposing of it only causes further worry. That is, if you don't receive help from our experts. We offer a professional and safe solution, swiftly and efficiently disposing of asbestos and keeping you and your property safe. Our team of expert asbestos disposal contractors specialise in removing and disposing of asbestos materials from all areas in commercial buildings, including wall and floor tiles, pipes and lagging, and Artex ceilings

All of our waste disposal services conform to the latest regulations, and we complete them under Environmental Agency guidelines. As reputable and professional asbestos disposal contractors, we take our responsibility seriously, and you will be provided with official documentation to show the asbestos has been disposed of in the correct way.

Contact us now, in Ashford, Kent, to learn more about our commercial asbestos surveys and removal.