Artex Ceilings & Floor Tiles

Disposing of Artex and Floor Tiles Containing Asbestos in Ashford, Kent

Floor tiles and Artex ceilings are just two of areas that asbestos is commonly found in domestic properties. Based in Ashford, Kent, our contractors provide Artex ceiling and floor tile asbestos removal services, using their wealth of experience to protect your home and family.

Artex Ceilings

If you suspect that you have an Artex ceiling containing harmful asbestos materials, consider a survey from the team at SPS Environmental Ltd. As one of the leading contractors for asbestos removals in Kent, we can provide you with a safe, speedy service, and help you say goodbye to this harmful material for good. Asbestos is a material that was widely used for Artex ceilings, and we are pleased to announce that we provide surveys and asbestos removals right across Kent, London, Essex, and the UK in general, offering safe solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Safety is a critical aspect of asbestos surveys, and this is why we offer total asbestos awareness services, covering all facets of Artex ceilings in commercial and domestic properties. Our aim is to relieve the worry of knowing you might be at danger by conducting a comprehensive survey and completing a controlled removal to ensure asbestos is safely taken away. You shouldn't have to live in fear; we will provide the peace of mind you require. Simply book an asbestos survey at your property, sit back, and relax. Our contractors have extensive experience in the industry, and have carried out safe removal solutions for more than 10 years.

There's no better way to ease the worry from your mind than contacting us. SPS Environmental Ltd will carry out a comprehensive survey on your Artex ceilings, verifying if asbestos is present, and safely removing any that is. Our comprehensive services include:

  • The Safe Disposal of Asbestos
  • A Swift and Effective Solution
  • Complete Containment of Fibres
  • The Careful Removal of Asbestos
  • Detailed Surveys of Artex Ceilings

Artex Ceilings are just one of our specialist areas for the safe removal of asbestos. We also remove hazardous materials from guttering, garage roofs, and water tanks. Please do not hesitate to call us if you suspect you have materials of this nature in these types of area.

Tiled Floor

Floor Tile Removal

Faced with the discomforting sight of asbestos floor tiles, it is sometimes difficult knowing which way to turn. Disturb the tiles as part of a property renovation project, and you will almost certainly be putting yourself at risk, as millions of harmful airborne particles will fill the atmosphere. This is where SPS Environmental Ltd can help, offering the safe removal of asbestos tiles in Ashford, Kent, and throughout the UK. We will deliver a detailed asbestos survey to establish if your floor tiles contain harmful materials. Should this be the case, we will safely remove and dispose of them for you.

From our base in Ashford, we provide asbestos tile removals for customers throughout Kent, London, Sussex, and Surrey, while we also cover the rest of the UK and Ireland. All of our hazardous material removals are completed under strict, safe, and carefully controlled site conditions. Our work covers:

  • Detailed Asbestos Surveys for Tiled Floors
  • The Controlled Removal of Asbestos Materials
  • Low-Risk Resolutions
  • The Safe Disposal of Asbestos Tiles
  • No-Worry Solutions

Our asbestos removal contractors offer a swift and affordable solution for the disposal of asbestos tiles. We also offer services for garage roofs, guttering, water tanks, Artex ceilings, pipes, and lagging, in both domestic and commercial properties. If you are concerned that your floor tiles are made from asbestos materials, speak with our specialist team, and we will conduct a site survey at a time that suits you.

Contact us now, in Ashford, Kent, to receive more information about our Artex ceiling and domestic tile asbestos removal services.