Floor Tile Asbestos Surveying and Removal Kent

Faced with the discomforting sight of asbestos floor tiles it’s sometimes difficult knowing which way to turn. Disturb the tiles as part of a property renovation project and you will almost certainly be putting yourself at risk as millions of harmful airborne particles fill the atmosphere.

 This is where we help at SPS Environmental Ltd, by offering the safe removal of asbestos tiles in Ashford, Kent and throughout the UK. We can deliver a detailed asbestos survey to establish if your floor tiles contain harmful materials and should this be the case, we can safely remove them and dispose of them for you.

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From our base in Ashford we provide asbestos tile removals for customers throughout Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey, we also cover the rest of the UK and Ireland as well. All of our hazardous material removals are completed under strict, safe and carefully controlled site conditions, and we cover all of the following services as standard:

  • Detailed Asbestos Survey for Tiled Floors
  • Controlled Removal of Asbestos Materials
  • Safe Disposal of Asbestos Tiles     
  • No-Worry Solutions
  • Low-Risk Resolution

Our asbestos removal contractors offer a swift and affordable solution for the disposal of asbestos tiles, we also offer services for garage roofs, guttering, water tanks, Artex ceilings, pipes and lagging, in domestic or commercial properties.

Simply speak to us if you are concerned your floor tiles are made from asbestos materials and we will conduct a site survey at a time to suit your needs.    

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