Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Kent

The team at SPS Environmental are the leading company offering asbestos floor tile removals in Kent and from our base in Ashford, we regularly remove asbestos floor tiling in homes throughout Surrey, Sussex and Essex. It’s always worrying when you find asbestos in your home, but we’re at hand to safely remove your floor tiles, leaving you with a safe home.

It can be tempting to try removing your asbestos yourself, but the professional, friendly team at SPS Environmental have the experience, knowledge and equipment to do remove all asbestos and dispose of it with minimal risk.

Need your asbestos floor tiles removed quickly?

Modern life means you need a company who can come to your home and quickly and efficiently remove asbestos floor tiles, causing minimal disruption to family life. SPS Environmental will not only remove all your asbestos floor tiles quickly and efficiently, we’ll test to make sure no asbestos is left in your home.

Why choose SPS Environmental for your asbestos floor tile removal?

At SPS Environmental, we’re the asbestos contractors of choice in the south east for both domestic and commercial clients. When you contact us to remove your floor tiles, you’ll benefit from:

  •  Expert advice
  • Professional sample analysis testing
  • Efficient removal and safe disposal services

 You’ll be left with a safe, asbestos-free home and ultimate peace of mind.

For more information about our asbestos floor tiling removal services and how we can make your home a safer place, simply call us on 01233 695978 or request your free quote online.