Commercial Asbestos Survey in Kent

Do you suspect your building might contain asbestos materials? If so, a commercial asbestos survey from us here at SPS Environmental Ltd will provide the clarity you desire. We provide a broad range of asbestos survey types, should you require a type 3 asbestos survey for any type of commercial premises, we are here to help.

As a highly experienced asbestos contractor in Surrey, Sussex and Essex, we provide asbestos surveys and reports that offer recommendations and suitable action plans for the containment or removal of asbestos. Ask us to provide you with an asbestos report and you can effectively manage hazardous materials within your property, we can provide you with a HSE asbestos survey that conforms to all industry standards and ensures you safely manage your environment. 

Asbestos Surveys for Commercial Properties in Surrey

No matter how large or small your commercial property might be, it’s always best to seek expert advice should you discover potentially harmful asbestos materials. We provide you with clarity at SPS Environmental Ltd by offering a comprehensive asbestos inspection throughout your property. With our expert help, you will know if your building is asbestos free, or whether you need to consider abatement or asbestos removal and disposal services.

Why choose us?

  • Choice of asbestos surveys
    Asbestos management surveys
    Asbestos demolition survey
    Comprehensive reports
    Advice, help and guidance       

Prevent Asbestos Exposure and Adhere to HSE regulations

As a commercial property owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure employees or members of the public are not exposed to asbestos materials. We can help you do this with a full asbestos assessment and site appraisal that ensures you comply with HSE.

Simply contact us today for expert help and advice, you can get a free quote for asbestos surveys in Sussex, Essex, Surrey or Kent or simply call us for more details on 01233 695978